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    Stock Code:605277
    Xinya Electronic
    Stock Code:605277
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    Xinya Electronic Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: Xinya electronic, stock code: 605277), founded in 1987, is located in beibaixiang Town, Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province, with legal representative: Zhao zhanbing. The company is committed to R &amp; D, manufacturing and sales of fine electronic wires such as consumer electronic and industrial control wires, automotive electronic wires, high-frequency data wires and special wires. Its products are widely used in the fields of household appliances, computers, intelligent office, industrial control equipment, automotive electronics, data servers and new energy technology.

    Xinya Electronic has always adhered to the business philosophy of "manufacturing with ingenuity, pursuing excellence, achieving customers and achieving win-win results", adhered to the development strategy of high-end market, deeply cultivated and forged ahead in the field of fine electronic wire rod, gradually broke the situation of monopolizing the high-end market by international brands such as Hitachi, Sumitomo and Baitong, and worked hard to promote the localization process of fine electronic wire rod. The company's end customers include domestic famous brands such as Haier, Hisense, Midea and Gree, global famous brands such as Daikin, Sony, Canon and GM, as well as head manufacturers in the field of big data servers such as Inspur, Huawei, Dell and HP. After 30 years of hard work, the company has developed into a leading enterprise in China's consumer electronics wire segment industry, won the "single champion product of manufacturing industry" of the Ministry of industry and information technology, and became "China's top 100 electronic components enterprises".

    In recent years, the company's operating performance has continued to grow steadily. In 2017, 2018 and 2019, the operating revenue was 874335600 yuan, 896536400 yuan and 928661500 yuan respectively, and the net profit was 47.4705 million yuan, 104.8109 million yuan and 108.3113 million yuan respectively.

    We will, as always, be down-to-earth and standardize our operation, give full play to the supporting role of the capital market for the real economy, continue to strengthen and refine our main business, and strive to become a leading enterprise in the global fine electronic wire industry, create benefits for all shareholders and make greater contributions to the prosperity and strength of our country!

    Xinya Electronic


    The company is committed to R &amp; D, manufacturing and sales of fine electronic wires such as consumer electronics and industrial control wires, automotive electronic wires, high-frequency data wires and special wires.

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    • UL1637 Teflon insulated and sheathed coaxial cable
    • UL1745 Teflon insulated and sheathed coaxial cable
    • UL11722 FEP fluororesin insulated wire
    • UL11625 FEP fluororesin insulated wire
    • UL10588 fluororesin insulated fine wire
    • UL10584 chlorine resin insulated fine wire
    • UL10362 PFA insulated Teflon high temperature resistant wire
    • UL10316 ETFE fluororesin insulated high temperature resistant wire
    • UL10297 MFA insulated Teflon high temperature resistant wire
    • UL10279 ETFE fluororesin insulated wire
    • UL10241 FEP fluororesin insulated wire
    • UL10231 fluororesin insulated fine wire
    • UL10125 ETFE insulated Teflon high temperature resistant wire
    • UL10086 ETFE fluororesin insulated high temperature resistant wire
    • UL10064 fluororesin insulated fine wire
    • UL1901 FEP fluororesin insulated wire
    • UL1867 ETFE insulated fine wire
    • MFA or PFA insulated Teflon high temperature resistant wire
    • UL1671 ETFE fluororesin insulated wire
    • UL1517 ETFE fluororesin insulated high temperature resistant wire
    • UL1333 FEP fluororesin insulated wire
    • UL1332 FEP fluororesin insulated wire
    • UL1331 FEP fluororesin insulated wire
    • UL1330 FEP fluororesin insulated wire
    • UL2562 coaxial flat cable
    • UL21515 Flat cable
    • UL21311 halogen-free flat cable
    • UL21016 Flat cable
    • UL20574 Flat cable
    • UL4478 Flat cable
    • UL20080 Flat cable
    • UL2877 Flat cable
    • UL2651 Flat cable
    • UL2468 Flat cable
    • UL20464 multi-core shielded wire
    • UL2408 power cord
    • UL2733 power cord
    • UL2725 USB cable
    • UL20276 computer cable
    • UL21099 Halogen free computer cable
    • UL20251 Multicore telephone line
    • UL2919 Low voltage computer cable
    • UL2990 Low voltage computer cable
    • UL21445 Halogen free computer cable
    • UL21308 Halogen free computer cable
    • UL20937 Computer cable
    • UL20167 Computer cable
    • UL2586 Multicore shielded wire
    • UL2570 Multicore shielded wire
    • UL2103 Multicore shielded wire
    • UL21520 computer cable
    • UL21307 Halogen free computer cable
    • UL21143 Halogen free computer cable
    • UL21100 computer cable
    • UL2845 Connecting flat wire
    • UL2835 computer cable
    • UL2789 computer cable
    • UL2661 computer cable
    • UL2517 computer cable
    • UL2464 computer cable
    • UL21451 shielded wire
    • UL2854 twisted shield wire
    • UL2851 twisted shield wire
    • UL2791 twisted shield wire
    • UL2725 shielded wire
    • UL2552 twisted shield wire
    • UL2547 twisted shield wire
    • UL2405 twisted shield wire
    • UL20379 computer cable
    • UL2960 low-voltage computer cable
    • UL2096 multi-core shielded wire
    • UL2095 multi-core shielded wire
    • UL1631 single core shielded wire
    • UL1672 reinforced electronic wire
    • UL1618 reinforced electronic wire
    • UL1617 reinforced electronic wire
    • UL1316/1452 reinforced electronic wire
    • UL1792 single core shielded wire
    • UL1691 single core shielded wire
    • UL1533 single core shielded wire
    • UL1365 coaxial cable
    • UL1354 coaxial cable
    • UL1347 single core shielded wire
    • UL1185 single core shielded wire
    • UL10913 connecting wire
    • UL10501 connecting wire
    • UL10269 connecting wire
    • UL10183 connecting cable
    • UL10070 connecting wire
    • UL10002 connecting cable
    • UL1589 connecting cable
    • UL11028 halogen-free wire
    • UL11027 halogen-free wire
    • UL10800 halogen-free single core shielded wire
    • UL10602 halogen-free connecting wire
    • UL10369 halogen-free cross-linked wire
    • UL10368 halogen-free cross-linked wire
    • UL3918/UL3363 reinforced electronic wire
    • UL3917/UL3364 reinforced electronic wire
    • UL3619 halogen-free cross-linked wire
    Stock Code:605277
    Xinya Electronic
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    Xinya Electronic
    Stock Code:605277
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    No. 1 Panzhuyang Road, Laizhai Intelligent Industrial Park, Beibaixiang Town, Leqing City, Zhejiang Province, China

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    Stock Code:605277
    Xinya Electronic